About Resurgam
Resurgam is recruiting and filling ranks. Currently in need of ranged dps for Heroic Trial of Valor. We are looking for adults who enjoy all aspects of the game.

Do you need to run mythic dungeons or normal for gear? Than run with the guild. Normal Emerald Nightmare alt run Sat 9pm-12am

Bored and want to level an alt? We have levelers too.

If you like to work on achievements our achievement whores are working on earning everything and would love more to join in on the fun.

Like to raid? The raid team runs Tuesday and Sunday from 9pm-12am. Currently working on Heroic Trial of Valor.

The guild that plays together stays together. Everyone from GM to initiate is expected to feed the monster. Just have fun folks!
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Challenge Mode vs Order Hall sets

by Cerridwenl, 300 days ago

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Diablo 3 Season 6 Starts tonight

by Cerridwenl, 300 days ago




If you aren't part of the Resurgam Clan hit us up in game tonight

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